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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do your products have allergy sensitive ingredients?
Sensitivities vary, therefore we provide coded formulation tags beneath each product on our website page. You can also reference the following by clicking on the links below:

Nut Allergies >
Corn Allergies >
Coconut Allergies >

gluten free ingredients paraben free phthalate free sls free vegan friendly no artificial flavors no artificial fragrances
I am a Vegan. Can I use your products?
Yes, our products are vegan. Look for this tag on product page: vegan friendly However, we do have a few products that some may consider non-vegan since they contain beeswax or honey which include:

Are your products gluten free?
Yes, click on this link for list of gluten free products or look for this tag on product page.

gluten free ingredients
Do you test on animals?
No, we have been making cruelty-free kisses for over 35 years.
What is the soap making process?
Process of making our soap is the tried and true, traditional way of making soap. First the saponification of Olive Oil, Sodium Hydroxide is added to Olive Oil. This causes a chemical reaction that separates the oil into glycerin and soap. There is no sodium hydroxide left and voila- al bar of soap.
What is the natural fragrance?
Natural fragrances are scents that can be made from essential oils extracted from plants or flowers or individual components extracted from natural sources. Our natural fragrances meet the IFRA definition for natural. FYI-synthetic fragrances are manufactured from man-made materials such as petrochemicals (petroleum-based chemicals).
What is the type of glycerin used?
We use vegetable glycerin in all of our products.
Do your products contain nanoparticles?
Do your products contain phthalates?
Do your products contain parabens?
What does broad spectrum mean?
Broad spectrum means that the active ingredients in a sunscreen protect against both UVA and UVB rays when used properly. The FDA requires testing that measures Critical Wavelength to prove this protection.
How can I tell if product is expired?
On the product you will see numbers. For Sunscreens-this is the expiration date.

For all other products this number is date of production.

Expiration date is as follows:
  • For Fluoride Toothpaste & Potent & Pure products, expiration is 2 years from this date
  • For all other products, expiration date is 3 years from this day
How do I get pump to come up?
How do I get pump to come up?
Do you offer coupons or samples?
Make sure you follow us on Facebook or sign up for our newsletter to know when coupons are available or product giveaways.
Do you provide product as donations?
We do, however, we provide product for local charities. Please email us at Do you provide product as donations?
Do you ship to Canada?
Yes we do. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery to Canada. The recipient is responsible for duties and taxes (GST, PST, HST) but NOT the brokerage fee The recipient is responsible for duties and taxes (GST, PST, HST) but NOT the brokerage fee.
How long will my order take to ship?
Please refer to our Shipping Guidelines here.

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