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Iceland Moss
Iceland moss is really not a moss at all. It's a member of the lichen family. And in the Middle Ages, its antibacterial and anti-viral properties made it an important remedy for pneumonia and tuberculosis. Fast forward to a few centuries later, when an expedition of scientists in Iceland noticed that the local population had unusually white teeth. The scientists casually questioned their hosts and discovered that they were cleaning their teeth with Icleand Moss. Today we know that Iceland Moss works to gently whiten teeth by fighting plaque-causing bacteria. So naturally we put this natural ingredient in our toothpaste. That's why, unlike so many whitening pastes, ours work without harsh abrasives, chemicals or peroxide that can damage tooth enamel.


Clean teeth, healthy gums come naturally, with cranberry, aloe and tea tree extracts to promote a healthy mouth. A berry flavor kids will love, available with and without flouride.

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