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Naked Pure Olive Oil Bar Soap 9 Pack

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Made with 86% pure olive oil for superior moisturizing. pack of three 4 ounce bars is a 33% savings over individual bar purchase. A natural cleansing and moisturizing soap. For centuries, the people of the Mediterranean have recognized the benefits of olive oil to the skin. Long lasting and made from the purest natural ingredients, it is a superb moisturizer suitable for all skin types. It's simple and pure. This moisturizing bar was created without animal ingredients, artificial colors, unnecessary chemicals or animal testing. Made in Greece.
  • You will receive 3 packs of 3 - 4oz soap bars (i.e. total 9 soap bars), total weight 36 Oz ,Packaging may vary
  • 86% pure olive oil for superior moisturizing
  • Fragrance free
  • Natural
  • Cruelty-free & Bio degradable

Sodium Olivate (Saponified Olive Oil), Aqua, Sodium Chloride (Sea Salt)

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