What is Maskne? Here's the Best Way To Prevent and Treat It

What is Maskne? Here's the Best Way To Prevent and Treat It

PROBLEM: “Maskne” from wearing a face mask. 

MASKNE DEFINITION: A skin condition caused by a face mask rubbing and creating pressure against the skin. Oil and skin debris may become trapped in the pores and cause a variety of conditions from dryness to acne like conditions.  

SOLUTION: Kiss My Face Mask Rescue Detox Pads  

What Is It?

Maskne!! What is that?? Yes, you heard that correctly, it is the latest term used to define that troublesome skin condition we are all experiencing from wearing a face mask. 

You are not alone!! You are not imagining things.  There are several reasons this is happening and no matter what your skin type is, you may be experiencing some symptoms very unusual to what you consider normal for yourself. 

Did you know that folliculitis occurs because of pressure on the pores which causes hair follicles to become inflamed and infected? And that’s only one problem you are likely experiencing.   

Dry skin and lips occur if a mask is made of a material that absorbs the skin’s sebum, leaving skin unprotected, not just the lips.  

Oh wow!! So, now we all have dryness too?

How To Prevent and Treat It

What's the best way to treat Maskne?? Try Kiss My Face Detox Pads for a fresh, clean feeling.  Your skin will thank you!  

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Mask Rescue Detox Pads help cleanse and detoxify skin from germs, debris and excess oils that can assimilate beneath your sanitary mask.  These pads help to restore proper pH and eliminate potential environmental substances that can trigger “maskne” or irritation response to toxins. Deep cleansing ingredients and adaptogenic and healing properties are supported by encapsulated probiotic Kefir along with soothing aloe to moisturize and Retinol and tea tree to improve the appearance of skin and prevent bacteria growth. 

  • Cleanses and detoxifies skin from germs, debris and excess oils 
  • Restores proper pH and reduce “maskne” triggers  
  • Soothing aloe to keep skin moisturized 
  • Salicylic Acid for treating and preventing breakouts 
  • Tea Tree and Retinol to improve skin's appearance and prevent growth of bacteria 
  • Alcohol free 
  • Vegan & cruelty free 
  • 60 pads 
  • Recyclable container 

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